University College Barcelona

All students who make a temporary stay in Masters College Barcelona

must have health insurance that covers them for the entire stay at our University . Insurance Student Mobility click-here-button-1487274_1280

If you are a student from a country of the European Economic Area ( EU countries , Iceland , Liechtenstein and Norway ) and have the right to social security in your home country , you have to deal with the ” tarjeta sanitaria europea “(which replaces the E111 or E -128). This form is issued by the public health authorities of your country and you have a right to health care in Spain .

If you are a / a student from a country outside the European Economic Area, you have to find out about whether there is a medical agreement between the Social Security in your country and Spanish (in the case of some countries in Latin America). If there is agreement, you will have to go to the public health authorities of your country to process the relevant document and thus be entitled to health care in Spain.
If you are a / a student who is not in any of the above assumptions will have to take out private health insurance to cover you during your stay in Spain. We recommend ordering a document to your insurance company, if possible in Spanish ,  English or French , stating that coverage.