Remarketing and retargeting: are they different?

Remarketing and retargeting: are they different?

In the age of the internet, and above all, in the online marketing or advertising sector, we have often heard about remarketing and retargeting as a technique for tracking and capturing a customer.

But do these concepts mean the same thing or do they have any difference? Well, the answer is that although they may mean the same thing, they do have a slight differentiation.

Remarketing allows us to show an advertisement to users who have been interested in our company or product (because they have accessed the web, visited a landing or clicked on a specific link). In this way we can create different campaigns designed for different types of users. However, remarketing is not a specific technique of the online world, since it has been carried out since long before the existence of the internet. As an example, when they send us a brochure by mail or call us after filling out a ballot with our data to participate in a raffle, it is a remarketing technique.

Retargeting belongs exclusively to the online world, and IAB defines it as “the use of a pixel tag or other code to allow a third party to recognize private users outside the domain from which the activity was collected”, ie the use of a automated process to impact the user after accessing our services.

Therefore, one could say that retargeting is part of remarketing.

By: Prof. Onia González – Marketing and Communication Consultant

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