National Award of Creativity José María Ricarte

National Award of Creativity José María Ricarte

Last week the delivery of the José María Ricarte National Creativity Award was celebrated, which in its 7th edition has honored Pasqual Maragall, professor, politician and mayor of Barcelona from 1982 to 1997.

Maragall put Barcelona in the international focus by winning the 1992 Olympic Games, the most prestigious sporting competition in the world and changing the city. During the years prior to the Games an important remodeling was necessary in different areas of the city, the campaign “Barcelona, posa’t guapa” (Barcelona get pretty) that began in 1985, translated into the increase of hotel beds, construction and remodeling of buildings and sports facilities and improvements in access to the city. The urban transformation was more than evident!

The event was presented by Marta González, Doctor in Communication and Vice President of the Communication, Marketing and Advertising division of Masters College Barcelona, and chaired by:

Mr. José Ángel Abancéns

All of them highlighted among anecdotes the human work of the winner, in a very emotional ceremony where Diana Garrigosa, wife of Maragall and president of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation collected the award in his name.

The José María Ricarte National Creativity Award was born in 2010 with the aim of paying homage to the writer, advertising creative and first professor of Creativity of Spain José María Ricarte, as well as recognizing the trajectory of people or organizations in creativity through humanism.

Long live the National Award of Creativity José María Ricarte!

By: Masters College Barcelona

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