Lluís Bassat, Jesús Ulled and Carles Bosch win the “Master in Communication Award”

Lluís Bassat, Jesús Ulled and Carles Bosch win the “Master in Communication Award”

The “Master in Communication” Awards were born in 2015 to recognize the professional and academic work of leaders in the world of communication, in the specific sectors of Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism.

In this edition, organized by the Business Association of Advertising, the Fundació de la Comunicació (FUNDECO), the Col.legi de Publicitaris i Relacions Públiques and the Universitat Ramon Llull, the winners for a lifetime dedicated to communication have been Lluís Bassat (Advertising), Jesús Ulled (public relations) and Carles Bosch (journalism).

The event was chaired by Mr. M. Gamisans, communication secretary of the Generalitat, Mr. Josep Mª Carbonell, dean of the faculty and Mr. José Ángel Abancéns, president of the Advertising Business Association and president of the Communication, Marketing and Advertising Division of our business school Masters College Barcelona.

  • Lluís Bassat, one of the great references of advertising, gave a very emotional speech about his origins that led him to enter the world of advertising: his first job in a post office, then as a TV commercial and finally in a printing, where he started creating texts and recording advertisements for clients. From there we already know his triumphant story that culminated in the founding of his agency Bassat-Ogilvy.
  • The public relations pioneer Jesus Ulled, explained in his speech how he began without knowing it in 1964, in the world of public relations with a partner with whom he founded the agency that bears his name, and in which he has worked all his lifetime. It was in 1975, when the public relations profession was officially created, that it began to understand the force that public opinion exercised.
  • Carles Bosch reviewed his professional career as a journalist and documentary maker, and gave several tips for success in life, such as getting up after failing or traveling to get to know other cultures and expand knowledge. Bosch worked at TV3 from its beginnings to the present, where he is currently dedicated to teaching and own projects.

Congratulations to the winners!

By: Masters College Barcelona

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