The teaching methodology of the programs of Masters College Barcelona has been formed from the extensive experience of its staff and management team . In all cases the teaching is tailored to the needs of students and availability of time.

Masters College Barcelona enters its masters the case methodology developed by the prestigious Harvard University. Students will work on real cases developed by the Harvard Business School. It is an innovative teaching method that will allow students to investigate solutions to real problems and develop their organizational and management capabilities .

Studies at Masters College Barcelona offered:

  • Attends classroom classes: Corresponds to the traditional methodology in which there is a direct and continuous teacher interaction with students in the physical classroom environment .
  • Blended Learning  is characterized in that a part of the training process is face and another part is done remotely or virtually. The learning process is reinforced by broad knowledge and experience, both in academic and business spheres of the teaching staff.
  • Online : It’s one in which the whole process is done in non-contact manner. This mode is aimed at those people for whom it is not possible to physically move to the training center , either by distance or limitations on availability of time.

Modes of study:

  • Have access to a Virtual Campus where they can be accessed 24 hours a day to check content of courses , submit jobs , complete self-assessment exercises , access to qualifications and contact with faculty and other students.
  • They have an individual who accompanies and advises them throughout their formative itinerary tutor.