Master in Integral Logistics


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Lead Center Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya
Scheduled 9 months
Start date March 2019 & October 2019
End date December 2019 & June 2020
Modality Semipresential
Lenguage An edition in Spanish and another edition in English
Price 5.850 €

The present Master iniciated in the year 2008 and has certified a total of 352 students during its 16 presential editions and 205 students during its 17 online editions.

The growth of markets and globalization intensifies competition by creating new environments. To grow businesses must increase their efficiency not only in the distribution of its products but also throughout the supply chain of raw materials both domestically and internationally.

The Master in Integrated Logistics offered in Master College Barcelona with the Universidad Central de Cataluña seeks to train future professionals experts in distribution and the integral or international logistics who can meet the new challenges of national and international expansion of their businesses toward globalization of markets farsighted , methodology, rigor and effectiveness.


The Master in Integrated Logistics is designed to achieve the following objectives

  • To impart updated high-quality knowledge on logistics that can be successfully implemented in the everyday operations of a company.
  • To offer a broad vision on the business world that covers all disciplines comprising the logistics environment, in order to promote its understanding through all existing interlinks.
  • To continuously provide the students with a practical approach to logistics and with different points of view on the business strategy and integration of logistics into it.
  • To develop leadership, analytical and strategic skills to enable the students to take appropriate decisions.

Academics Fields

Module 1: Logistics and Management: Evolution and Trends 6
Module 2: Key Strategies for Supply Chain Management 6
Module 3: Logistics Sourcing and suppliers 6
Module 4: Manufacturing Logistics 9
Module 5: Logistics and Management of the Distribution Channels 9
Module 6: International Logistic 9
Module 7: Final Master thesis 15

Description of the contents

Logistics and Management: Evolution and Trends 9 Mandatory
  • Historical evolution of the concept of production, distribution and supply
  • New challenges and trends for logistics management
  • Outsourcing logistics services
  • Strategies global operations and innovation
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Creating value in the supply chain
Key Strategies for Supply Chain Managemen 6 Mandatory
  • Human resources management and leadership
  • Executive management tools
  • Financial Management
  • Reverse logistics as strategic differential factor
  • Service management
Logistics Sourcing and suppliers 9 Mandatory
  • Effective management of procurement and provisioning
  • Prospection, approval and evaluation of suppliers
  • The framework of relations with suppliers and negotiation
  • Management and advanced design of warehouses. Inventory Control
  • ICT in purchases
  • Strategic vision of purchases
  • • Simulator logistics distribution
Manufacturing Logistics 9 Mandatory
  • Introduction to operations
  • Planning techniques for analysis and demand management
  • management and design production processes
  • Quality management in production processes
  • Lean manufacturing
  • simulation for decision making
  • Analysis and optimization of production processes
  • National Marketing Vs international marketing
  • Analysis of international environments
Logistics and Management of the Distribution Channels 6 Mandatory
  • Key factors for the development of physical distribution process
  • packaging design and packaging
  • Preparation of orders
  • Quantitative methods for locating warehouses and distribution centers
  • efficient transport management, KPI ‘s and documents for freight
  • Distribution channels
  • Programs Advanced collaboration with customers
  • Linking logistics chain with customer and market
  • Simulator logistics distribution
International Logistic 6 Mandatory
  • commercial terms for the International Sale
  • International Taxation, Customs and Excise
  • Management of international transportation
  • Port Management. Shipping Business
  • Insurance in international transport
  • International Macroeconomics
Master Thesis 15 Mandatory
Once the student has completed the final thesis, he or she will thus be qualified to apply all of the skills they have learned through the master’s program in the workplace. For example, one should now be able to plan the logistical activities of a company and, in turn, propose new ways to manage the logistics and leadership sectors of a company’s stock and exportation processes.

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