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Masters and Postgraduates

March 2019 & October 2019 Edition

  “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

Digital MCB

Promoting innovation, competitiveness and the internationalization of companies

A formative project of masters and postgraduates based on an experience of more than 20 years in continuous training, in the academic world and in the business world. A training project aimed at democratizing teaching, providing students with what they really need and society what they really demand. All this through an academic cloister simply excellent.

“More than an academic experience” – MCB

Enjoy a methodology where practice is fundamental and which is endorsed by the agreement between Harvard Bussines and Masters College Barcelona which allows us to use all the material of the best university in the world in a master referring to state level.

“Imagine your future” – MCB

In the coming years, the skills most demanded by companies will be digital skills, innovation, creativity, communication, empathy and the ability to work globally.

“Only knowledge, it is totally insufficient” – MCB

Evolution is not cumulative, which implies not having more skills but replacing one another for an optimal adaptation to the new.

Industries and services based on knowledge and creativity have spread exponentially in recent decades as a basis for occupation and economic dynamism. Competitive advantage is no longer measured by labor costs. Today is measured with intelligence, creativity and innovation

“Master the most competitive skills” – MCB

This is a project focused on the construction of an important professional future by our students as a result of covering something that society demands in a prominent way.

“Hired by companies that change the world” – MCB

That is why the different masters and postgraduates flee absolutely from the generalization and seek a total specialization in the different areas that are proposed to be able to achieve in a deep way the necessary competences to direct and lead the companies.

More than an academic experience:

“If you do not enjoy doing a master, nobody will enjoy what you have learned.” – MCB

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