How is the GDPR changing internet?

How is the GDPR changing internet?

Just a month ago, the new data protection law came into force, in which the user is protected more and better, provides more information about the use of his data, and is provided with a much simpler protocol for process your withdrawal.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation in Spanish) was born to address the urgent need to create a single data protection law, which protects all European citizens against companies regardless of their location: it affects both those located in Europe or those located outside of it, as in the case of giants such as Facebook, Google or Amazon. So far each country legislated with its own law and companies should operate as appropriate.

Conference What will the new data protection change? by Mobile Talks

In the conference, what will the new data protection change? of Mobile Talks, organized by Mobile World Capital in Barcelona and moderated by Mara Balestrini, CEO at Ideas for Change and co-founder of SalusCoop, gave us the keys to the new law:

  • right to oblivion
  • right to data portability
  • Right of Access

That is, users will have the right to request the total and definitive elimination of their stored data, as long as they are no longer necessary for the purpose of the service; right to request a file with all the stored data in those cases in which the user sends information to the company or service; and the right to know how and for what purpose your data is used.

Therefore, and as you have noticed these days, companies are informing all those users who have their data and what is the purpose of their treatment, with the purpose of having their consent. And is that this is the main feature, from now on the consent of the user must be clear and express, and know the exact treatment that will receive their data.

By: Masters College Barcelona

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