AMP technology to optimize SEO

AMP technology to optimize SEO

AMP technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project that Google has already implemented to improve the speed of access to content from the mobile.

Until now, many of the contents displayed through mobile browsers had such a high loading time that they complicate access to information by users (40% leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load). If to this, we add content that is hidden behind uncomfortable ads that can block the page, we are increasing the probability that the user desists, losing a golden opportunity to improve our ROI.

For this reason, AMP technology is so important and has multiple benefits. On the one hand, it has a direct relationship with SEO positioning, since a better loading time has a better organic classification of the page. And on the other, it improves the user experience, decreasing the bounce rate (since the chances of the user giving up when trying to access a “lazy” website) are reduced.

A clear example of the use of AMP technology in e-commerce is Aliexpress, which, by implementing its pages in AMP, has improved its conversion by 4.3%. In the AMP Project site, from Google, they analyze Case Studies from various sectors such as the Gizmodo blog, which has managed to load its page 3 times faster and has increased its impressions by 50%, or the TransUnion financial business, which has reduced 26% bounce rate and has increased visiting time by 250%.

For e-commerce, these advantages are highly important, since AMP technology allows to reduce loading time on a page by 40%. The search and query of products, purchase process or order tracking are key moments for online stores, offering a much faster response will improve engagement and increase your conversion rate.

By: Masters College Barcelona

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